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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Smart bra???


Whether or not you want it, women may soon have access to a smart bra that tells you to lay off the junk food when you're stressed out.
Microsoft is developing the new bra, befitted with sensors designed to track changing moods. When you're stressed, the bra can send you an alert via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

The reasoning behind such a product? Women are more prone to emotional binge eating, experts say, and studies show that many women eat more when they are stressed out. A similar product for men also didn't work as well, since one of the sensors needs to be close to heart, theBBC reports.

"I was eating without being aware of it, but by having to log both my eating habits and my emotions, I became aware of triggers for emotional eating, and also more aware of the health (or lack thereof) in my diet," said one participant from an early trial study.

The bra is still far from production lines, battling issues such as battery life and design.

Last month news hit of a Twitter-connected bra that tweets every time it is unhooked to encourage women to self-examine their breasts. Also, last year a patent was awarded to a US firm working on a smart bra that analyzes breast heat in order to detect cancer.(sumber dari SINI)

Baca tak perenggan kedua...sensors dari bra akan akan bluetooth ke telefon..mak ai...korang nak ker pakai bra mcm ni????pergh mmg canggih sudah ni